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Our body’s cries for nutrients

When we feel hungry, it’s literally our body asking for nutrients. So we eat (for this example, lets say its chicken strips and french fries

3 keys to reducing inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting infections and healing. However, in some situations, inflammation can get out of hand and last longer than necessary.

Ideas for improving your sleep.

You can feel it when you don’t get the sleep you need.Brain fog and no energy is enough to keep you drinking coffee and energy drinks all

Mullein = lung love!

I researched so many ‘home remedies’ to help him. most didn’t work, some worked a little. Then I read about mullein and it’s ability to reduce inflammation in the lungs, open up airways, reduce mucus production, eliminate lung spasms, and improve lung function. I read that the native Americans used it to cure many lung ailments. It was worth a try.