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 How That Elderberry Lady Came To Be…

Back in 2010, my boyfriend (now husband), had terrible asthma. Every month he had 6—yes, 6—inhalers he had to get. They were pretty pricey and we both were working minimum wage jobs, so it was a huge struggle every month to afford them. Even with all his inhalers, his asthma continued to worsen, and he would have those fun side effects. One month we just could not afford them. Once his inhalers ran out, he had terrible asthma attacks. Even as a young girl, my momma always said, “make do with what you’ve got”.

I started researching and found some information about a plant that grew in our yard, Mullein. During my research, I found that Mullein can help improve lung function among other things. I began making my husband a tea with the leaves. It drastically reduced the severity of his asthma symptoms!

Armed with this experience, I began looking into other plants and “weeds” that grew around us. I was hooked! The more I learned and used plants, and had success, the more information I craved.

This was the first time my husband said to me “you should share this”.

But I couldn’t do that. Not me!

I continued using plant remedies for my husband and myself for years. When we had our first son, I also focused on natural remedies with them. My husband kept telling me… “you have to share this!”

But I couldn’t. Not me.

Eventually I found elderberries. They are tasty, packed with vitamins, fiber and minerals, contain plenty of medicinal properties AND they are an easy, safe herb to use for the majority of people. We began using elderberry syrup during flu season. I began playing with other herbs in my syrup and came up with the blends we use today for our signature elderberry syrup.

For spring I created our proprietary Sinus Syrup because I had terrible allergies. It worked wonderfully for us and I knew then that I couldn’t keep this to myself. How many people struggled with allergies? How many took Benadryl to get by?

Fast forward to 2016.

I was pregnant with twins…my husband was working over the road as a truck driver…I was at home with a 1 year old son…

I had a friend ask me to make her some elderberry syrup, which I hadn’t made in a while. I ordered a quick DIY kit online to attempt to make the process simpler. Once made and tasted we decided it was pretty gross. So I ordered MY ingredients to make my signature blend. She loved it and told her friends, who wanted some. Just a few days later I had folks showing up at my house (sometimes at midnight) because they heard I made some yummy elderberry syrup and they had a child with the flu. Who was I to turn them away? This continued and I began meeting folks in a grocery store parking lot to sell my syrup. I remember the first time I pulled into the parking lot of my small town and had a line of people waiting for me, some from over 45 minutes away.

That’s when I first thought “maybe I could do this.”

And I did.

From there I began meeting more people, getting into my first shop, and working on sharing information about the plants and herbs I had been using. Eventually, I rented space in a commercial kitchen and hired my first employee. More stores wanted to carry my products…. WOW, I can do this!

I enjoy not only sharing information about plants and natural remedies, but also helping others.

God pushed me until I couldn’t deny the path he had for me. Though I resisted at first, I now know I am meant to share my passion for all things natural.

I hope you find the relief you are looking for in our all-natural products.

Amanda Dillard

Owner and “That Elderberry Lady”

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