Living Water

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When we eat living food (food that is as close to its original, natural form as possible), we tend to feel more alive!! 🥒🍒🥕🍋

Know what happens when we drink living water?? 💦

Yep, you guessed it!!!!

Now, I’m not here to make any claims about what this incredibly delicious living, structured water can do for you.
Because I’m well aware that every person and every body and every soul on this planet are different at their core and will all have different results with any thing they do or try.

But I can fill you in on what some people I know have been saying! Such as
💧 More sustained energy
💧 Reduced inflammation
💧 Faster muscle recovery
💧 Better hydration
💧 Less Pain
💧 Regulated bowel movements
💧Improvement in skin conditions

And there’s so much good science out there about the therapeutic effects of living, structured, electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) that it makes perfect sense why people experience such a resurgence in their health! 💖

I mean, just yesterday I was looking over some clinical studies and peer-reviewed research we have compiled and I was BLOWN AWAY!! It found that electrolyzed reduced water was an effective therapy for many serious health conditions such as
💧 Eczema
💧 Psoriasis
💧 Heart conditions
💧 Brain conditions
💧 Inflammation
💧 Autoimmunity
💧 Digestive problems
💧 Neurological conditions
💧 Diabetes-related conditions
Honestly, I could go on…
But I won’t for the sake of this post 😆
If you want to know more, all you gotta do is say “send it to me” and I’ll send you an extensive list of studies that my team of conscious water lovers have put together with a TON of links that will show you all you’ve ever needed to know to find out if this water is the real deal or not!

Bonus: We use this water to make our Syrups!

*Hint: it is!! 😉

Also, join me in my educational group Kangen Water Collective to stay up to date on all the water stuff. I’ve even got weekly short (15 minutes or so) interviews going on with different professionals (think chiropractors, pharmacists, personal trainers, naturopaths, etc) talking about the benefits of this incredible water. You don’t to miss those!!

Here is a link to my private FB water group –

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