Our body’s cries for nutrients

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When we feel hungry, it’s literally our body asking for nutrients.

So we eat (for this example, lets say its chicken strips and french fries from Chik-Fil-A), and… as your chewing… your digestive system gets the signal that nutrients are on the way! Hooray!!!

Your body gets to work, creating digestive juices, enzymes, and prepping for the job…. breaking down the food and extracting the nutrients.

… at this point, you feel full.

As the food hits your stomach, the small intestines ramp up for their part of the job… to extract those precious nutrients needed for the body to function well. After your food hangs out in your stomach, it is readied for it’s transfer into the small intestines

… at this point, you still feel full.

The food makes its way to the small intestines, and begins to be broken down.

Your body is still excited! It’s gonna get just what it needs… right?


The body is sifting through it all… and realizes… Oh NO! Not again! There is hardly any nutrients in here! How are we gonna get every system what it needs to function properly???

It usually splits it up, so all (or most) systems get a small amount of nutrients, but not nearly the amount needed for normal/proper function. Much less enough for healing to happen.

Annnnndddd BAM!

Your hungry again, the body is asking for more nutrients.

But the hunger is much stronger this time. You’ve just GOT TO EAT AGAIN!

And, unfortunately, this cycle continues.

Until we have had enough, until it’s time for positive change.

Until we give our body what it truly wants…



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You are what you eat, nutrients or harmful?