I was healthy once upon a time…

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Many years ago, I was a very young woman with an overactive thyroid. It was actually a random injury that sent me to a doctor one day.

I was barely an adult and had no idea about health versus sickness. I had no idea as to how to take control of my own life, much less my own health.

I sat there, alone, in an exam room… waiting for a doctor I had never seen before. She walked in and gave me a once over… then asked if I had ever had my thyroid checked because I had been having trouble falling asleep at night. I said ‘no’. She ordered labs and sent me on my way.

A week later I received a call from this doctor’s office. I had an overactive thyroid. She referred me to a specialist who said my only options were to have my thyroid surgically removed or to take a small pill to kill my thyroid. MY ONLY OPTIONS.

I didn’t want surgery so I went with the other option. Looking back now, no one ever explained to me how it worked, what exactly it was, or what the long term implications of this procedure was. As a very young woman… I didn’t even know to ask any questions. My doctor knew what was best for me… right? They had my best interest at heart and knew this was the safest and best route.

So I did it. I radiated my thyroid. 13 years ago.

No one ever told me that I could try to clean up my diet and lifestyle to regulate my thyroid. No one told me that a thyroid imbalance was a SYMPTOM of another underlying imbalance. So killing my thyroid didn’t solve the problem. It covered up a symptom of another imbalance in my body.

So… for the past 12+ years (literally over a decade) I have poured myself into healing. I have prayed many nights for God to lead me to the right information, to the right people. I have begged, cried, and pleaded for help. I have lost many hours to research, books, videos, conversations, and journaling in my hunger for healing. I believe that God made our bodies to heal. He made us in such a way that we could survive and spread His love.

I thought, many nights, that I was failing. I had times that I felt like the picture of health. And everywhere in between.

Through the ups and downs, through supplements and herbs, through failed exercise routines and crazy amounts of water… through it all… I kept going.

If one thing worked, wonderful. If something didn’t, I would try something else.

Throughout this time I fell in love, got married, went through many jobs, had some amazing children, made some amazing friends, began a business or two… or three… went back to school. Ya know… life. Through it all I continued to work on healing.

Now though… 13 years later. I have been blessed to have a functioning thyroid. Something I was told was impossible. Yet here I am. 

I found out that some parts of our current ‘healthcare’ system doesn’t make sense for me.

There is a time and a place for modern medicine.

But our current system doesn’t address most underlying conditions. It is mostly about masking symptoms, not true health

What causes diabetes? Alzheimers and dementia? Why do people get arthritis? How does someone develop asthma? What about the leading cause of death for Americans- Heart Disease? Why do these things happen? 

I am using my story, my journey, to help others. No one should have to go through what I have been through. No one should have to fight their way for information on how to be healthy. This should all be common knowledge. Children should be taught this in school. Our doctors should be taught this. Our communities should be aware. 

Which leads me to the point. 

Health isn’t a destination, it’s a state of being. 

I say a lot… ‘If I would have told (insert name here) about (insert preventative health information here), maybe they would still be here.’

I am done saying those words. I am done thinking about it. I will no longer keep my mouth shut. I will no longer wait ‘till later. I AM DONE! 

And it starts with you. Yes… YOU! I know you’re still reading this. I know you have lost loved ones. I know that you need some direction. I know you need support. 

And I want you to know that I am here for you. Always. I am here for your family & for your friends. 

As a health coach, I am offering my services on a sliding scale. I always do a free first consultation. After that, we can come up with something that works. Even if it is nothing. 

Because your health is more important than $$$. IT IS!

The Lord will work it out. 

Let me help. Let me share my 12+ years of research. Let’s give you the best chance at living a happy and healthy life. 

Let’s do this!

Let’s heal.

Comment ‘I am ready’ and I will reach out to schedule a session.