Mullein = lung love!

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Let’s talk about Mullein!!!

Mullein is the first herb I ever used! My husband (boyfriend at the time) struggled with asthma. He had struggled his entire life with it. Both of his lungs collapsed when he was a teenager….. Scary! 

He used to have 6 inhalers….. yes I said 6! 

And they were expensive. We simply couldn’t afford them, even though his breathing continued to worsen. 

I was desperate to help him… I mean, I really liked him, soooooo…..

I researched so many ‘home remedies’ to help him. most didn’t work, some worked a little. Then I read about mullein and it’s ability to reduce inflammation in the lungs, open up airways, reduce mucus production, eliminate lung spasms, and improve lung function. I read that the native Americans used it to cure many lung ailments. It was worth a try. 

I saw that it grew wild in east Tennessee, so I went on my first foraging adventure. Imagine my surprise when I found some growing in my yard! It had been there all along, but I had no clue! I gathered the leaves and made my husband a strong tea, sweetened with local honey. He drank it and within 15 seconds said he could feel the tightening in his lungs release. I continued to pick the leaves and make his tea twice a day. And every day his lung function improved. We were in shock! 

This led me to wondering what other herbs and plants grew around us that would be beneficial! And the rest, as they say, is history!

Mullein is seriously an awesome herb!

We still use it daily in my home and at That Elderberry Lady. It is a main ingredient in our Sinus Syrup and our Allergy Extract. We even added it to our Wind Down tea because of its calming effects. 

 I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about mullein. So tell me…..

How could you benefit from using mullein?