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From my healthy family to yours...

Only the good stuff!

Never any fillers, dyes, thickeners, artificial sweeteners, or junk! Just the goodness of herbs and honey! If I wouldn’t give it to my family… I won’t make it for yours.

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My Story...

 How That Elderberry Lady Came To Be…

I discovered natural remedies when my husband and I couldn’t afford anything else.

My husband kept telling me… “you have to share this!”

But I couldn’t. Not me.

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Danielle Langner
Super Syrup
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I started taking the Super Syrup 6 weeks ago after being diagnosed with yet another autoimmune disease (I have 3 that I know of) and it definitely made a difference in the first week! So very thankful to find That Elderberry Lady at the Chattanooga Market!
Sandra Eubanks
Sinus Syrup
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Great product. Everyone in my family tried it and when we ran out they begged me to get more. 2 of them have asthma and an other has COPD. They said taking the syrup made them breath easier.
Rachel Quispe
Rachel Quispe
Elderberry Syrup
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I order a medium size elderberry syrup with honey and my whole family takes it. My 3 yr old daughter loves it and I have no issues with her taking it. I have to say that we all love it and boy has it helped me a lot. I take it everyday and I guess there has been 2 different times where I feel like I am going to get sick... when I feel like that I take more of it and kid you not by the next day I am back to me again. I love this stuff!!! Placing another order today since I am almost out. I am so glad I found you Elderberry Lady. 100% recommended!!!

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